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The 2008 CD by The 100s,"Echoes", still available from CD Baby


The 2005 debut CD, "Take The Gravel Home", still available from CD Baby

The 100s' Favorite Places On The Web...

KUNI Radio 90.9 FM, Cedar Falls, Iowa~ Bob Dorr, Karen Impola, Al Schares, Mark Simmet and the whole crew in Cedar Falls make The 100s sound good on the radio, by playing their music (and that of a lot of other regional bands).  Iowa Public Radio and its affiliates make it possible for the "good stuff" to have its spotlight on the air.

KGRR 97.3 FM, Dubuque, Iowa~ Denny Garcia hosts "Midwest music Makers" every week, featuring some of the best musical talent the area has to offer (including The 100s).  Thanks to Denny for promoting live music in Dubuque...a more staunch advocate of "live" you won't find anywhere.

KRUU 100.1 FM, Fairfield, Iowa~ Our good friend Dennis James spins local and regional music on his Tuesday afternoon program, "Gravel Road Radio".  He and his lovely wife Lauryn are two better halves of a folk duo called "Truckstop Souvenir".

KFMG 99.1 FM, Des Moines, Iowa~ Our friend and fellow musician Brian Joens hosts "Dirt Road Radio" every Monday evening from 6-8PM.  (What's with all these filthy road connotations for radio show names?)  Another great outlet for the best regional music to be heard on the planet.

CD-Technical~  Joe Meidlinger and his folks in Iowa City handle CD and DVD replication and duplication services and a host of other things ...they can handle your next order in quantities from 25 to a million.

Focus Mastering~  Doug Van Sloun of Focus Mastering in Omaha, NE, did a fantastic job mastering the second 100s CD, "Echoes" in 2008.  A true gentleman and all-around nice guy - highly recommended for your next CD mastering project.

Airshow Mastering~  Matt Sandoski and the good folks at Airshow in Boulder, Colorado did a bang-up job mastering The 100s' debut disc, "Take The Gravel Home" in 2005.

CDBaby~  the independent artist's best friend on the web; a one-stop shop for all good things music-related and catering to both the lover of all things non-mainstream in the music world and the little guy looking to sell his music to the masses.  The 100s are happy to be selling "Take The Gravel Home" and "Echoes" on CDBaby's website...check 'em out.

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